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dupont ridgeline trail
December 21, 2020

dupont ridgeline trail

4 years ago. 8.8mi Ridgeline Trail #65 is a singletrack mountain bike trail in Brevard, North Carolina. Connect the trail from Hooker Creek, or shuttle it by driving up Sky Valley Road. 397.12 m Down, 26.7 mi 6.2mi. Tons o fun! The mountain bike path starts at Lake Imaging and wind around to climb the Jim Branch Trail. 1h 02m, Rode it this morning before packing up the camp site. Your FREE account works with all Adventure Projects sites. The trail winds through a patch of laurel. — Jake Smith follows me down Ridgeline trail in North Carolina's DuPont State Forest. This is about an injury or accident 1h 08m, Jim Branch to Buck Forest to Hooker, Hickory Mnt. 6.2mi, Add Hickory Mountain Loop (1.4 miles) Some technical terrain and limited alternate lines. 2h 00m. Just fun. Check out trail forks or mtb progect and do the taste of Dupont or whatever its called. DuPont GPS Trail Map for Smartphones. — especially with as close as it is to the trailhead, basically guaranteeing high traffic levels. The Jim Branch and Ridgeline sections are awesome. 1h 57m, Fun and flowy! Great flow. Close. 2,552' Up 35.7 km Leaves you enough energy for another go at the incredibly fun Ridgeline. (Read the Trail Notes on Hickory Mountain Loop. from Zach Suggs. Ridgline is one of the fastest, flowiest downhill rides in the area. — It was epic. Ridgeline Trail. Steep. 1,167' Up Ridgeline Trail is a favorite for mountain bikers, especially downhill. Add a Symbol . Bit too much fire road in the middle but recommended 1201.03 m Up Super fun and fast! 58 comments. Down Ridgeline for the final descent. For many mountain bikers and equestrians, this is their favorite trail or at least in their top three. Think of this as a heatmap, more rides = more kinetic energy = warmer colors. This is the famous Ridgeline at DuPont in Brevard, NC. 6.3mi, Fast and flowy...love it! 10mi, Got rained on Ridgeline downhill! Highly recommended. Take the second left up Jim Branch Trail and get your game face on! — Check out the Dupont Ridgeline Loop for a quick and easy loop using this trail. While it has no real technical features to speak of since being redesigned, it is a lot of fun to ride this glassy smooth and generally well-bermed trail. Difficulty Rating: 1.21 . Just 20 minutes from downtown Brevard, this is a great place to hone your MTB skills before venturing into the more technically-challengi… 3,570' Down — This trail is known for its flow. Ridgeline Trail in DuPont State Forest, North Carolina. Ridgeline Trail is a peaceful, pine-dominated hike. First time in DuPont with 7 year old sons and rode all but the rock garden at Jim Branch on 24" wheels. • Sight lines are fantastic and the flow is amazing.For the ultimate downhill blast, ride to the top of Hickory Mountain Loop, take a minute to catch your breath and prepare to smile all the way to the parking lot, barely needing to pedal. — From Lake Imaging Road it is a steady but not steep climb to the high point just before the intersection with Hooker Creek Trail. I think I was the only hardtail out that day! If the land manager has a problem with rider speed on Ridgeline and wants it changed to reduce speeds, I'm not surprised. The intended direction a trail should be ridden. • The number of trails is impressive, but with many of the trails being less than a mile in length, a map or a local guide is highly recommended. Primary Trail Type: Cross-Country eBikes Allowed: No Trailforks scans users ridelogs to determine the most popular direction each trail is ridden. Try out the digital map from Friends of DuPont Forest that allows you to track your hikes and rides inside the Forest without using a cell phone signal (updated October 2020). It is home to close to 100 miles of trail and forest service roads. • — Virtual Tour of DuPont Ridgeline. 7.9mi It connects Lake Imaging Road Trail and Hickory Mountain Loop and Hickory Mountain Road Trail. 6mi. Ridgline is one of the fastest flow trails in the area. Technical terrain with no alternate lines. Two cars in the lot at Lake Imaging. 181. Please consider joining or donating to the local trail association to support. 1088.22 m Down, 6.6 mi We decided to take a break from training to have a little fun on one of the most fast and flowy trails in Western NC. 10.6 km The grade is mellow but enjoyable. North Carolina needs to be on any serious mountain biker’s list. Find your thing. Flow....flow....flow! They loved the downhills, worked the climbs. Then it is a gradual descent or flat on to the end of the trail at Hickory Mountain Road and Hickory Mountain Loop. 1,299' Up — Not technical at all, and you can take it as slow or fast as you... Lake Image-him branch-isaacheath-locust-hilltop-buck forest-hooker-ridge line, Discovered Isaac Heath dead-ends into a creek bottom Trail, North Carolina Forest Service - Dupont State Forest. • DuPont State Forest - Ridgeline Trail. Trailforks scans ridelogs to determine the last time a trail was ridden. 6.3mi share. Learn how to use that front brake correctly (it is 80% of your stopping power) and PLEASE don't skid that rear tire on our precious trails. Ridgeline trail proper definitely worth the ride if you are in the area. Flowy DH! Nearly perfect on 2.1x29. Future plans for Thread Trail will link the Kings Mountain Gateway Trail and downtown Kings Mountain to the parks via these trails. Share a Video . — 1h 07m, Awesome. 1h 30m, Lake Imaging parking lot. Image via Brad Allen. 356.02 m Down. There was alot of people so had to slow down and stop a few time for the slow bikers ^_^, Such a fun, fast and flowy ride...speed demons paradise! The trail crews have smoothed it out a bit and built up the turns. Nov 17, 2020: BOD Meeting Minutes November 2020, Oct 17, 2020: BOD Meeting Minutes October 2020, Sep 23, 2020: BOD Meeting Minutes September 2020, Land Manager: North Carolina Forest Service - Dupont State Forest, 21.5 mi 6.3mi Perfect weather. 14.4 km We drove 24 hours to ride this. The Ridgeline Trail connects you to a 16-mile hiking trail loop at Kings Mountain State Park and Kings Mountain National Military Park called Kings Mountain National Recreation Trail. Ridgeline decent is worth the trip by itself Create Recommended Route or Trail . 1087.56 m Up 1h 30m, This was a fun fast downhill. DSF003. Shot with the GoPro Hero 4 with Feiyu… The grade is mellow but enjoyable. 1515.27 m Down, 22.2 mi 2,552' Down For many mountain bikers and equestrians, this is their favorite trail or at least in their top three. Log in or sign up to … 1,303' Down 6.3mi Made a couple new friends and rode some awesome trail... what more could I ask for? 1.21 mi one-way. 1h 45m, Geeen sections are mostly fire road which was a little annoying but the last section of downhill (ridgeline) is totally worth it Taking other people's content (text, photos, etc) without permission is a copyright violation and NOT OKAY! 3,793' Down Being a jerk / offensive? NOT OKAY! W hen you step on a trail at DuPont State Forest, you can usually tell pretty quickly if it was designed and built for mountain biking. Trailforks scans ridelogs to determine which trails are ridden the most in the last 9 months. save hide report. Ridgeline Trail, Dupont State Forest, WNC. 1h 30m, 1st time to Dupont 6.3mi, The whole north side of Dupont is just about perfect as of this morning.. Could use a light rain this afternoon to stay great for tomorrow a nice easy one with a fun descent at the end! Hiking Trail Review for Ridgeline Trail in DuPont State Forest. DuPont State DuPont SRF Boundary Hunting Safety Zone Lake Stream State Road-Paved State Road-Gravel County Line Powerline IA Parking Area ... 59-Ridgeline Trail (1.5) 60-Rifle Trail (0.5) 61-River Bend Trail (0.3) 62-Rock Quarry Road (1.3) 63-Rocky Ridge Trail (1.3) 64-Sandy Trail (0.6) The rest of the trails were fun, but ridgeline was the funnest!! 7.6mi, 6.8mi GPS Map Map Information. Super flowing downhill. — Best of all, proceeds go back into projects to support the Forest. DuPont State Recreational Forest, commonly known as DuPont Forest, is a 12,500-acre (51 km 2) state forest, located in Henderson and Transylvania counties of North Carolina.The name originates from the fact that the DuPont company arranged the sale of the original tract to the state. • 6.3mi The new work has greatly improved drainage. 42.9 km Posted by Jeff on Mar 7, 2016 @ 12:52 pm in DuPont State Forest, Forest Hikes, Hiking, Hiking Blog, North Carolina, Rated Moderate Hikes | 0 comments | Last modified: July 8, 2017 . 0h 58m, Ridgeline trail proper definitely worth the ride if you are in the area. The rest of the trails were fun, but ridgeline was the funnest!! Connect the trail from Hooker Creek, or shuttle it by driving up Sky Valley Road. 6.2mi. 1154.47 m Up )Beginning mountain bikers need to have good speed control and braking skills before tackling this and many of the other trails at Dupont. 3,568' Up 6.3mi, Was wet today, but still a blast for my 1st time here. Note: This route does skip the famous covered bridge, so if you are interested in seeing it check out our other DuPont Ride Review. Hickory Mountain Loop begins with a slightly tough climb and finishes with an epically flowy, multi-lined attack session. 12mi 1h 30m, Done! 34.7 km Ridgeline. Last summer trail builders turned an already-fast Ridgeline Trail into a silk-smooth, roller-strewn, berm-filled riot. 777.88 m Up Ridgeline Trail to Hickory Mountain Loop, DuPont State Forest. From Lake Imaging Access Area; From Guion Farm Access Attractions — Dupont State Forest is a vast, expansive area with about 80 miles of singletrack and doubletrack trails. Dupont State Recreational Forest is a 10,400 acre state run forest just outside of Brevard, NC. 355.73 m Up There are many great loops in the 88 miles of trail in the Dupont National Forest for riders of all levels, but the loop that is the jewel of this amazing trail system is the Ridgeline Trail, which is a fast and flowy descent that is definitely a can’t miss ride. Ridgeline is … 6.2mi Get more video and help keep the channel alive! Saw two black bear on the trail at separate locations around 7:30am. Jun 16, 2019 Josh Tilley. — Taking other people's content (text, photos, etc) without permission is a copyright violation and — Information, video and pictures about biking Kitsuma trail near Asheville, NC 6.3mi, first real mountain ride 4,971' Down 6.5mi, Love this trail. 777.95 m Down, 23.3 mi Starting from the Visitors C… With the way Ridgeline was redone to be a very downhill-oriented flow trail, it wasn't going to be practical or safe as a two-way multiuse trail. The Corn Mills Shoals Access Area is 0.8 miles on the right. DuPont State Forest Online Trail Map. 1156.05 m Down, 9.0 mi DuPont State Forest is universally recognized as one of the best mountain biking destinations in the southeast. Uneven terrain with small rocks or roots. • — I thought it was mostly a few loose grains on really nice hard pack. Locals brag that there are 1,000 miles of trails in the western part of the state alone. A good flowing trail network will have most trails flowing in a single direction according to their intension. • CO rider / 1st ride in NC. 21mi You hit pretty much all of the worthwhile trails and you pass by all of the waterfalls so you can stop and check those out if you'd like. 6.3mi, Did some variations that added to the length. Jim branch to buck forest to white pine to hooker Creek to Ridgeline downhill!!!! Sis on 27 Jan at 1100. 6.2mi. 6.2mi, First ride on new bike. 1h 25m, 10mi — 1h 50m Jun 17, 2019 Cody Brissey. Locals mentioned that conditions where "sandy". Super fast and flowing...everybody loved it, New Condo Start at Lake Imaging Parking area in Dupont State Forest and head through the gate up the forest road. Check out the Dupont Ridgeline Loop for a quick and easy loop using this trail. This trail includes everything from rocky aerie (Kings Pinnacle in North Carolina) to bottomland forest (almost immediately after crossing the state line into South Carolina). It looks like your browser does not support app deeplinking or you do not have the Trailforks app installed :(. Very steep. Dupont Ridgeline Trail, Brevard. 33.4mi — photo by A. Scott Lavender. Wonderful circular route! 3,788' Up Great flow. 3h 07m. 12.4mi, Lily and I Mynorco range fucked up I don't like this bike it's front pronounced it is not good for climbing Lily loved this trail hated other one, Rode 2-3 times w/ a couple of different climbs on this route during Pisgah Mtn Bike Fest. DuPont State Forest - Ridgeline Trail. Ridgeline is a crown jewel of Dupont State Recreational Forest. 3,940' Up • Millions of unique designs by independent artists. Here in Dupont, you'll find a little bit of everything, ranging from gorgeous trails with rushing waterfalls, easy doubletrack, challenging, technical singletrack, steep slickrock, and flowy dirt descents. • It is located in the Dupont State Forest in North Carolina. Fun ride with Ana. Ridgeline Mountain Biking Trail: This incredible trail is as close to riding a roller coaster on two wheels as you can get! Posted by 5 months ago. 1.7mi, Fun again! 6.4mi. 6.2mi, Top trail in NC Photo journals of hikes in Michigan, the Great Lakes region, North Carolina and the Rockies.

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